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You make these successes possible!

The student I tutor...

● Met with a representative from Direct Supply and went over job requirements and how to apply along with the interviewing process.

● Applied for her first job.

● Successfully submitted a resume and cover letter and participated in a new job interview.

● Received a raise and has become more efficient scheduling at work. She completed her performance evaluation process.

● Has made significant progress in her reading and especially her ability to express herself contemporaneously. She is an active and engaged learner.

● Discusses language and vocabulary with me surrounding purchasing a home.

● Is definitely improving her ability to read, write, and speak.

● Went to Florida during Christmas break to visit some friends whom she has not seen for a long time. Her Ukrainian friend told her that her English had really improved since the last she had seen her. She was also pleased that she could now speak with her friend's American husband.

● Has started an online English writing class in preparation for her accredited college class in January. She was able to successfully rewrite general sentences in a more specific way, as requested by the class assignment.

● Continues to become more comfortable and confident in their English language skills through our ESL program.

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