Our History

The Adult Literacy Center of Ozaukee County (ALC) was founded in 1988 as a mission of Grace Lutheran Church, Grafton.  Initially those who came to the center needed assistance in reading, filling out job applications and learning to speak English.  On May 7, 2013 the Adult Literacy Center became an independent 501c3.  Grace Lutheran continues its support by providing office space, tutor rooms, utilities, phone and internet services.  

Becoming an independent 501c3 organization was an important step.  ALC recognized the importance literacy skills has on the entire Ozaukee County community. It was our goal to have an expanded and deeper impact in Ozaukee County.  Low literacy skills impact employability, income level, parenting and health.  A parent with low literacy skills is more likely to have a child who has poor grades, behavioral issues and may eventually drop out.  According to the National Coalition on Literacy improving basic adult education skills could save $200 billion in government support programs. Therefore, improving basic adult education skills has a positive impact on all of us.  A better educated workforce means an increase in workplace efficiency, higher income, families who are more independent and children with a brighter future.  


Our philosophy has focused on one to one; tutor and student sessions instead of a classroom environment.  Tutors and students are able to set individualized goals.  ALC serves English Language Learners, individuals preparing to become citizens of the United States, GED candidates, those in need of college support and adult basic education. 


Leadership is provided by a part-time Executive Director and part-time Adult Education Coordinator.  The Executive Director is responsible for building external relationships, fundraising and raising visibility of the organization.  The Education Coordinator is responsible for selecting curriculum, tutor orientation/training, meeting with and assessing the ongoing needs of students.