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Community Impact

29%  of adults in Wisconsin and 4% of adults in Ozaukee County struggle with literacy and numeracy lacking such skills as the ability to use a bus schedule or to calculate the total on an order form. For individuals struggling with literacy, the ALC is a lifeline for obtaining and keeping family sustaining employment and engaging with their community. Our tutors assists students to develop:


Low literacy often means living in poverty: 7% of Ozaukee County residents live at or below the poverty level.  Another 20% fall into a category called ALICE.  This acronym means:  Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.  Although they are working their wages are not sufficient.  Better literacy and numeracy skills offer people a better chance at getting hired, promoted, and earning a higher income. 


A parent with low literacy skills is more likely to have a child who has poor grades, behavioral issues, and whom may eventually drop out.  Children from families with low levels of education are ten times more likely to have low literacy skills than their peers from more highly educated families. Studies have shown that a mother’s literacy level has a direct impact on the educational success of her children.  In addition higher literacy allows a parent to advocate for their child with their teacher, doctor or in other practical situations.

Board of Directors at a Training
Students Stand in Front of Flag


Improving the literacy skills of the workforce has a positive impact on businesses in Ozaukee County.  Employees with stronger literacy and numeracy skills will help a business become more efficient and effective.  Investing in literacy also saves the community money.    According to the National Coalition on Literacy improving basic adult education skills could save $200 billion in government support programs. Therefore, improving basic adult education skills has a positive impact on all of us.  A better educated workforce means an increase in workplace efficiency, higher income, families who are more independent and children with a brighter future.  Adult Literacy Education supports families and builds more stable communities.


A shared language promotes freer and more opportunities for social interaction and cultural exchanges, as well as promotes community engagement and better understanding among community members.  Today, 7% of Ozaukee County residents speak a language other than English at home.

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