Literacy Resources

Ozaukee County Libraries

  • Cedarburg Public Library

  • Oscar Grady Library (Saukville)

  • W.J. Niederkorn Library (Port Washington)

  • U.S.S. Liberty Memorial Public Library (Grafton)

  • Frank L. Weyenberg Library of Mequon-Thiensville

English Language Learners

Contact Program Coordinator for log on information. This is a great site for supplemental grammar lessons, idioms, short blogs, podcasts for listening exercises and flash cards.

This is a government site and no log on is required, but you must register to be a user. Many American English resources are provided, including videos with audio. There are citizenship resources at the bottom of the page.

Check out Teacher Resources, Curriculum and Materials, and ESL Literacy Reader! This site provides excellent audio books at various learning levels.

Free site with good worksheets for adult ESL learners. Also has crossword puzzles and games.

News articles provided by level and videos of idioms and grammar. Materials on the Constitution.

Free resource for a wide variety of educational topics such as math, grammar, US history, science and more.  Students can watch short “lecture” videos and take quizzes afterwards.

A site for listening and comprehension.  Podcasts available for more advanced student can be used for homework.

Good resource for letter pronunciation and exercises and grammar worksheets.

Good source for idioms.

Offers FREE printable flashcards on everything from letters to Valentine's Day.

Free site that offers interactive exercises in reading, grammar, vocabulary, and listening for beginning through advanced levels.

Free site that offers worksheets and resources for teachers, as well as tests and interactive exercises for students in beginning through advanced levels. Also has English reference read and online forums for students and teachers.

Good interactive site that can be used by students alone or with the help of tutors. Has many instructional materials divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Online practice supplement for Ventures text series.

Additional worksheets and teaching materials to supplement the Ventures text series. Each teacher has their own access code.  Contact program director for assistance.

Website with online quizzes for practice (grammar, spelling, vocabulary, all skills).

Website with downloadable board games to practice grammar. Fun conversation starters.

Website with lessons, worksheets, and powerpoints on U.S holidays, government and other civics topics.

Website for listening practice, vocabulary and quizzes for all levels.

Short video clips with quizzes to practice listening, grammar, and reading (transcripts are available.)

Website for building vocabulary. (For kids, but vocab lists are useful).

Vocabulary study website using online flashcards and games.. Search millions of pre-created study sets or make your own with or for your student.

Simplified dictionary resource for ELLs. Example sentences, pronunciation and more.


Lesson plans provided for citizenship test preparation.

News Sites

Lesson plans provided for citizenship test preparation.

Current events covered in simple English.

Articles offered by level with vocabulary underlined. Required log on - check with the Education Coordinator for username and password.

GED Sites

Good site for GED and ABE instruction. The site required registration.

Use the Educators/Admin page.

Other Resources at the ALC

  • Magazines (students can take home and read...these do not need to be returned)

  • Young children’s books 

    • The books on the wooden shelf can be checked out and returned

    • The books in the tutoring room next to the office can be taken home and kept

  • Early Reader Books (good for ABE and ESL students who are interested in specific topics, helps with vocab)

  • Pretend Money (practice paying bills)

  • Maps

  • Picture Dictionaries in various languages (ideal for early beginning students)

  • Teaching books on grammar, writing, job preparation, GED books, etc

  • Laptop computers and iPad (make sure to plug back in when you are done!)

    • Use the QR Code reader, google translate and access the web

The Adult Literacy Center of Ozaukee County is an independent 501(c)(3) organization 

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