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Lack of English literacy deters some seeking better lives here

To Ozaukee Press:

Thank you to every single supporter of the Adult Literacy Center (ALC). The support from our community helps the ALC provide students with the resources to improve their English skills and get jobs, interact with our community with confidence and accomplish goals they’ve dreamed of for years. The ALC’s efforts are allowing our students to become U.S. citizens and even open their own businesses.

There is a perception that literacy services are not needed in Ozaukee County.People may be surprised to know that 7% of Ozaukee County residents do not speak English at home.

Ozaukee County’s poverty level is at 6% and 20% of its residents fall into a category of limited assets and income. Although they are working, their wages are not sufficient. Better literacy and basic skills offer people a better chance at getting hired, promoted and earning a higher income. Among our students, 94% make less than $50,000 a year; 38% make less than $26,000.

The public’s support helps the ALC close these gaps and provide essential resources and tutoring services to our Ozaukee County community. Please consider giving today at

Sarah Gilday - Executive director

Linda Borkenhagen - Board chair

Adult Literacy Center of Ozaukee County

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