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Continuing to conduct tutoring during the challenging time of COVID

During this challenging time of COVID-19, the most vulnerable in our community are experiencing significant challenges. Additionally, when the economy slows and unemployment increases, people turn to education and training to improve their competencies and find a job. Literacy skills are always among the most needed, but during this health crisis, adults with low literacy are vulnerable when it comes to employment, staying healthy and protecting the health of their families.

Adults need literacy resources and the certainty we provide more than ever. We have continued to make it possible for students to meet safely with tutors, access free online resources, and attend virtual trainings.

Like many, we modified operations. We offer virtual tutoring sessions and help adults look for employment and improve literacy skills. We conduct virtual book clubs to help students and tutors stay connected and practice writing and reading English. We train tutors to use virtual technology. And we have added students to our roster since March while remaining committed to providing support, resources, training and technology that will allow safe and productive learning.

By providing literacy skills and workforce readiness tutoring, we know our students have a better life and our community has more engaged and productive citizens.

Successes you have made possible during the pandemic...

“My student's English improved so much she felt confident to apply for a job. She interviewed and was selected for the position! I was so proud of her!!”

“I have gained knowledge on how hard it must be to move away from your parents and friends and sacrifice a lot in order to make an opportunity for your family.”

“My student has done quite a lit. He found a job and continues to grow. He managed not only to learn English, but also found a way to learn a highly technical job of network engineering while translating all of the information he needs. Hearing his weekly successes keeps me very interested in what is next to come for him.”

“My student's English improved so much that she felt confident to apply for a job. She interviewed and was selected for the position! I was so proud of her!!”

“The greatest success I have heard from my student was when she had medical appointments where she did not have to rely on an interpreter, because she felt competent enough to communicate her needs on her own without the assistance of an interpreter.”

“The ALC offers the ability to enhance lives through education by way of language, reading, writing, speaking, understanding/comprehending. It truly changes lives and offers people worldwide perspectives. It creates bonds of mentorship as well as friendship and pulls the world a little closer together. Something we all could use a lot more of in today's world.”

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